Women’s History Month: Mary Baker Eddy’s Commitment to Health

Women's History Month: Anything about health here? @GLOWIMAGES.com

As part of Women’s History Month, I think health seekers would be interested in the story of one pioneer in health and spirituality: Mary Baker Eddy. After several years testing her theory that health was essentially spiritual, and that our thinking influenced our bodily health, a physician urged her to write a book about her […]

From Duke to Princeton: 5 reasons for spiritual counselors in medical centers

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I met a woman who was modest and quiet in her professional demeanor, so much so that, sadly, I’ve forgotten her name. But it was her meekness combined with a mighty spirituality that I admired. As social worker and counselor to patients at one Duke medical center, this woman offered compassion and practical ideas for […]

This Movember, will men’s health move to a more spiritual basis?

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Move over November—-it’s now MOVember, the month dedicated to men’s health. You’ll see “Mo Bros” everywhere these days: the ones whose new moustaches show their support for “Moustache November” and the fundraising efforts going on from North Carolina and the USA to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other places.  Their fuzzy faces and cheery camaraderie […]

5 links between mindfulness and better health

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Ever notice how you’re forced to become more mindful of “mindfulness?” This very broad term, defined simply as the deliberate or trained attitude of attentiveness, seems ubiquitous these days. It may be overused, and thus in danger of becoming trite. Ultimately, you might think the term could become meaningless. But you’d be wrong. The practice […]

Broccoli: the alpha veggie on the health food hierarchy?

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So you never liked it as a kid. You wrinkled your nose at those green flowerets, maybe hid them in your napkin after pretending to chew them. You felt vindicated later when the first President Bush (not Dubya) petulantly protested that he’d never liked broccoli, he didn’t like it now, he was the President of […]

A novel idea improves health

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Would you like another drug-free approach to health? One source might be an underrated item on your bedside table—a book! My latest monthly column on health and spirituality describes a kind of medicine that’s affordable, accessible and very easy to swallow. I hope you enjoy it. Here’s an excerpt: “In their new book The Novel […]

Handmade health

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One artful way to better health appears to be participation in crafting hobbies, now making a big comeback since the macramé 1960’s. Whether woodworking, ceramics, weaving or whatever, Americans are finding that making things themselves is satisfying. It’s now considered therapeutic as well, says a Parade Magazine article. A “meditative hobby” such as knitting was […]

Pioneer psychologist linked forgiveness to health

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When a respected and loved member of the community passes, our Raleigh tradition is to pay tribute in “Life Stories,” a newspaper column about one individual’s legacy for good. In this case, health psychologist Dr. Kathleen Row was described as a pioneer in health research, one of the first who named the link between forgiveness, […]

Not too late for World Mental Health Day

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  Oops. I try to see important things coming, but I completely missed World Mental Health Day on October 10. Not to worry, not to get into major stress about it, because that’s the last thing those honoring the day would want. Instead, they want to draw attention to this serious and evermore widespread problem […]