Is stress contagious? Don’t believe it!

Defeat stress and contagious stress

By Cynthia P. Barnett Stress is bad enough for one person—but contagious stress?? Who knew you could catch it, like a cold, as many are beginning to fear. This new theory of stress was featured on Good Morning America in a St. Louis University study which showed subjects viewing videos of other people experiencing stress. […]

Are green spaces healing spaces?

Green spaces for health and healing Models used for illustrative purposes only

Green spaces can be healing spaces if we know how to access the spiritual inspiration they offer. For better health and healing, blogger Karla Hackney researched the benefits of green spaces from a spiritual perspective. She writes: “Currently there are numerous studies expounding the health benefits of spending more time in natural greenspaces. For instance, […]

Finding the antidote to air rage

No air rage here!  Model used for illustrative purposes only

You’ve heard of road rage—and possibly experienced it. Well, make room for “air rage.”  Better yet, don’t! Flight delays, unsympathetic staff and impatient fellow travelers might tend to make you mad. But if you’d like tips on how to avoid and even heal this ugly anger, consider writer Anna Bowness-Park’s victory over it. She writes: […]

Seeking immortality through life, not death

One moment of immortality

To many people immortality is a blissful state experienced only after death. According to this view, death would seem to be a friend. But some thinkers are questioning this belief. They are seeking to “choose life” each moment as the Bible advises. No more death-dealing thoughts that would destroy hope and rob the here and […]

“Declaring our independence” from pain

Independence from pain! YAY!  Model used for illustrative purposes only

Wouldn’t it be great if we could claim our independence from pain this Fourth of July? Surely other citizens of the world would celebrate their new freedom along with Americans. Writer Tim Mitchinson considers independence from pain and shows how it may be within our grasp today. He says: “… Medical studies consistently indicate that complete […]

Celebrate religious freedom on the Fourth of July

Celebrate religious freedom

As Americans begin their yearly Independence Day celebrations, are they really appreciating their religious freedom? We all know that we are guaranteed the right to worship where and as we please.  But do we really understand the full promise that freedom of religion offers us? What if our religious, spiritual views can free us from […]

Depressed? You are not a label

Is recovery from depression possible?  Model used for illustrative purposes only

Is full recovery from depression possible? The illness is considered incurable, and at present is often labeled  a “women’s disease.”  This may be because women are twice as likely to suffer from it. Advertisers know this, and as a result cater to the fears and concerns of those suffering with depression, with women front and […]

Is the Power of Suggestion Making you Sick?

Feel like sneezing? It's the power of suggestion

We hear a lot about the power of suggestion, that curious outside force that seems to make us think, do or experience what we might not ordinarily. Because it’s a well-documented phenomenon, we might accept that the power of suggestion may even influence our health. Writer Debra Chew has this to say as she investigates the power […]