Six healthy steps to a mental and spiritual ‘Yes!’

Paddlers take healthy steps

You can heal yourself! This remarkable conclusion is based on six healthy steps Dr. Lissa Rankin described at a recent Association of Healthcare Journalists conference in Denver. My colleague Ingrid Peschke attended, and later described in Huffington Post how she related this presentation to her own healing practice. Peschke writes: “Dr. Lissa Rankin’s talk was […]

Chronic pain: We don’t have to accept it

No chronic pain in this picture  Models used for illustrative purposes only

Few problems are as vexing as chronic pain. Besides the obvious suffering, there are lost work days, lost recreational time, and high costs to boot. Whether chronic pain is from backaches, migraines, urinary tract infections– or even undiagnosed, unnamed spasms– people need to find better ways to deal with it. One writer reflects on progress […]

Healthcare Chaplaincy: benefits of spiritual care

Couple needing spiritual care

Finally, the subject of healthcare chaplaincy and its positive effects on patients is in the news. The first conference on this subject is now being held in New York City and many, like me, are eagerly awaiting the findings. Will they confirm what many other experts and patients are finding  to be true? that spirituality […]

Break through to better health: first give mental consent

Skater gave mental consent: it's possible to spin!  Model used for illustrative purposes

What does it take to break through barriers? Does it happen first with a bold move, or a bold thought that first gives mental consent? I pondered this subject and published an article on it in the online newsletter, WilmingtonFAVS. I thought of the days of Sonja Heine, and then I thought about health, and […]

What’s age got to do with it?

Health, happiness, youth at any age  Models used for illustrative purposes only

What’s age got to do with it, indeed? If the “it” means healthy, productive lives, then take a listen to Towson Patch blogger Pamela Savage as she considers more wholly healthy views about older ages: “More and more research is showing that age is not necessarily a harbinger of declining health and lifestyle. In fact, […]

If it heals you does it need to be measured?

How do we measure healing? Models used for illustrative purposes only

If you cannot measure it, does it exist? Dr. Brené Brown shares her research to prove that indeed “it” does, as she explains in a TEDx talk. Health writer Tony Lobl ponders this point and considers important “immeasurables” like spiritual healing experiences in his Huffington Post piece. Lobl says this about Dr. Brown: “A video, […]

Healthwise: Dog’s empathy brings healing to depressed

Dogs do love unconditionally

So are dogs more humane than humans? Judging by the empathy they express, they just might be. We know about service dogs that guide the blind, comfort the bereaved, or sniff out dangerous physical symptoms to warn their masters. Lots of evidence there, but now there’s way more to the story. Dogs can help the […]

Sweet words help feed the soul

No sweet words for this mess!  Models used for illustrative purposes only

Good news: Valentine’s Day is over. Why celebrate that? Because chocolate is now half-price, silly. (I’m typing this with sticky fingers, a Toblerone by my mouse, so forgive the brown smudges.) Anyway, speaking of chocolate, my Michigander colleague Bob Cummings riffs thoughtfully on the subject in his latest health piece. He goes from Valentine’s Day […]

What happened when Albert Einstein and William Randolph Hearst prayed?

Can prayer affect atomic particles?

I never knew whether Albert Einstein prayed, but I’ve heard that he had a spiritual side; that the great scientist, intent on discovering more about the laws of the universe, intuited that these laws were more than matter-based, but essentially Spirit-based, God-based. Reportedly, Einstein commented favorably about religious teachings like those in Christian Science that […]

Embrace of mankind brings mental wellness

Mental wellness from family love

Embraced in the family bed @GLOWIMAGES/com Models used for illustrative purposes only Whoops—I didn’t realize that January was Mental Wellness Month and now it’s February! But since helpful information on mental wellness is always needed, I’m going to share a piece published in January. This piece confirms my intuition that mental wellness is the basic […]