Making healthcare sustainable and healthy

Healthy, sustainable healthcare for them  Models for illustrative purposes only

Is sustainable healthcare a present possibility? Is healthcare even healthy? Any answers of Yes are probably tinged with doubt, at best. No wonder some are looking to new perspectives in both mind-body connections and spirituality for better answers to suffering. So I was interested in this piece on the subject by Don Ingwerson, a health […]

Can Twenty-something Depression be Healed?

Can twenty-something depression be overcome! Model used for illustrative purposes only

Twenty-something depression is a tragic phenomenon that demands attention from today’s parents, experts and all who care about the stability and happiness of our young people. Health writer Tony Lobl looks to best- selling psychologist Lisa Miller, as well as to experience with spirituality for a wise perspective. He begins with Dr. Miller’s advice: [According […]

Addiction is helpless without you!

Addiction is helpless without you!

I’ve never been a smoker, but I know the addiction of chocolate chip cookies. Oh, the hold those innocent little sweets had on me once! But no more, and this piece by Malissa Dakin-Watson expresses how I overcame my addiction. Discovering that “addiction is helpless without you,” she writes: “This arresting sentence leaped out at […]

Debate that recognizes two valid sides is good for civility and good for your health

A little civility would go a long way  Models used for illustrative purposes only

Civility may seem like a mild virtue, but seen as fair-mindedness, kindness and even forgiveness, this mild virtue becomes a powerhouse of good in our lives. But how important are these spiritual attitudes to our physical health? Apparently, they’re  critical. New writer Wesley Davis reports on this vital link: “It’s a critical lesson that Kevin […]

Science Agrees… Prayer Works!

Doctor with beaker

As a health and spirituality writer, I’m interested in perspectives on science and prayer. Just this week a piece by Don Ingwerson caught my eye because he quotes the findings of one of my local North Carolina favorite researchers, Duke’s Dr. Harold Koenig, about the power of prayer. Ingwerson writes: “…a recently published article that reported […]

Redefining the mind-body connection

The mind-body connection more than matter? Model used for illustrative purposes only

Finally someone has the courage and capability to say what needs to be said about the mind-body connection in health.  Kind of like calling out the elephant in the living room of otherwise comfortable, polite discussion on this issue. Now writer Eric Nelson has done it. Read what he says: “As trailblazing as it may […]

Chronic pain— or freedom from a life sentence?

Will there be freedom from chronic pain?

Will there ever be a cure for chronic pain? Canadian health writer Wendy Margolese considers recent research as well as ancient proofs. As well, she describes a modern day recovery with unique features you’ll want to learn about. Margolese writes: “The Association for Psychological Science produced encouraging findings for pain relief in research using a […]

Increase your spirituality: try sistering the joists

Will she sister the joists?  Model used for illustrative purposes only

by Cynthia P. Barnett:  Published first on April 2, 2015  in the Tryon Daily Bulletin, North Carolina You hear from both experts and everyday people that spirituality affects our health positively. So it makes sense that increasing your spirituality would be a good thing. But what if you don’t know how to do that? It […]