Owning our Health: the next big breakthrough

Big breakthrough in her health! @GLOWIMAGES.com  Models used for illustrative purposes only

Are you curious about the latest big breakthrough in health care? If so, you’ll be intrigued to find that it might have nothing to do with treating your body. Writer Anna Bowness-Park describes this surprising big breakthrough in her latest column: “Rethinking the nature of health is something I learned as a young woman. Having […]

Is biological data really a vital health statistic?

Biological data: is it the best health indicator?

We may think that biological data about our bodies determines our health. But what about those who turn exclusively to prayer, not biological data, for better health? Minus the biological data, would their prayerful efforts even in serious cases be successful? Writer Wendy Margolese tells the story of one woman who found the answer to […]

Simple happiness brings happy, healing thinking

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Even in the Philippines halfway around the world, people ask the same questions as we do in the States. Does joy or happiness affect our health? Writer Rodolfo Lacusong answers: “Yes, it does. A study by a researcher Robert Holden indicates that 65 out of 100 people would choose happiness over health, but that both […]

Taking Responsibility—Will It Make Us Healthier?

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Who should be taking responsibility for health these days? Is it the experts alone? Or should you be making the decisions about your own health? Writer John Clague offers new answers to this important question. He writes: “…research supports the concept that when patients are involved in their own health care decisions the outcomes are […]

Emmys Continue Escape Fire Buzz

How to escape fire? @GLOWIMAGES.com

Have you read about the counterintuitive “escape fire” solution to a raging forest fire? It was first put into practice in 1949 during a horrific Montana blaze. The concept of creating a circle of fire as a safety wall saved the lives of the many firefighters who boldly decided to enter it while fighting the […]

Did science or God save Dr Kent Brantly from Ebola?

Does Doc or God heal? @GLOWIMAGES.com  Models used for illustrative purposes only

When someone recovers from Ebola against all odds, should we give science or God the credit? Personally, I have no problem giving gratitude all around, but some find disturbing implications to this question. Health writer Monica Karal takes the debate seriously, particularly after Dr. Kent Brantly’s remarkable and complete healing from Ebola, and the public […]

Love can rewrite our prognosis

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Suppose your doctors told you this about your personality disorders: “Don’t worry. Love rewrites the prognosis.” Would you believe them? If you believe that a spiritual approach improves health, rather than an exclusively material, body-centric approach, you might. Interestingly, more doctors are saying just this–that our thinking changes our health outcomes– and Aussie writer Kay […]

Would you ever talk to a Christian Scientist about health?

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Would you talk to a Christian Scientist about health? Would you ask a dachshund for a driving  lesson? Or maybe that’s a silly comparison. Health columnist and practicing Christian Scientist Eric Nelson takes the first question seriously, however.  After asking this question of editors and reporters and getting rebuffed by many, Nelson connected with medical […]