Making healthcare sustainable and healthy

Healthy, sustainable healthcare for them  Models for illustrative purposes only

Is sustainable healthcare a present possibility? Is healthcare even healthy? Any answers of Yes are probably tinged with doubt, at best. No wonder some are looking to new perspectives in both mind-body connections and spirituality for better answers to suffering. So I was interested in this piece on the subject by Don Ingwerson, a health […]

TEDMED 2014: ‘The time for thinkers has come.’

Time for thinkers at TEDMED  Model used for illustrative purposes only

If you’re interested in TEDMED and its annual conference on ground breaking discoveries on health care, you may be one of a mere 100,000 others who’ll be attending! That’s including those who’ll attend online, but in any case people from 100 countries will be represented. Health writer Eric Nelson describes the offerings of this conference, […]

Owning our health: Can technology answer all our health needs?

Is more health tech needed, or more heart?

Health technology, a product of the best heads put together, can help greatly in health care. But has anyone here visited a loved one in a hospital when clearly more heart, not more head, was needed? Writer Anna Bowness-Park shares her case for more spirituality, not just health technology, in this Vancouver Sun piece. She […]

My secret to a healthy body

Not the health secret he's talkin about

Is there a secret to having a healthy body? Syndicated health columnist Keith Wommack doesn’t think so—at least, he’s been trying to share the “secret” he’s discovered from decades of his own healing practice. Along with countless others, especially for almost the last 150 years, Wommack has put this “secret” on record. Here’s how he […]

Results from health care chaplaincy conference

Health care chaplains are wanted, needed  Models used for illustrative purposes only

Recently on my April 1 blog I told you about a groundbreaking conference to be held in New York this month: one that reported research on the effectiveness of spiritual care in health care settings. Sponsored by a health care chaplaincy association, the event featured projects largely funded by the Templeton Foundation. Here is one […]

Healthcare Chaplaincy: benefits of spiritual care

Couple needing spiritual care

Finally, the subject of healthcare chaplaincy and its positive effects on patients is in the news. The first conference on this subject is now being held in New York City and many, like me, are eagerly awaiting the findings. Will they confirm what many other experts and patients are finding  to be true? that spirituality […]

Empathy, Smartphones: Health Care of the Future?

Will empathy or gadgets be better for health?  Models used for illustrative purposes only

There’s a new focus on empathy in health care research from the spiritual point of view. There’s also a new focus on the latest gadgetry to monitor our bodily symptoms, from an opposite material or physical point of view. Which approach will win points with patients like you and me? Ohio health writer Steve Salt […]

Pioneers in Integrative Medicine

An old pioneer wagon

Do you know any health care pioneers? Many of them live right here in the Triangle of North Carolina: Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. Duke University’s medical complex in Durham is especially renowned for its Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health as well as its Center for Integrative Medicine. Minnesota writer Joel Magnes found one […]