Do you really need more evidence?

Choose evidence-based medicine?

Recently a trauma care physician was discussing evidence-based medicine with health writer Keith Wommack, a Christian Scientist. The physician raised serious concerns about this concept, citing “sham diagnosis…poor regulation… and predetermined agendas.” Wommack later mused about the evidence for prayer based health care. Was there any? He writes: “Actually, there have been, [studies] yet, they […]

Humble prayer and health

Humble prayer Model used for illustrative purposes only

Have you ever thought about the importance of humble prayer to help and heal the world’s problems? One congregation learned much from the wisdom of the Biblical King Solomon, especially from the humble prayer he is so famous for. “Give me, O Lord, an understanding heart,” says the hymn referring to this prayer. Writer Bob […]

Would you ever talk to a Christian Scientist about health?

Talk about health with a Christian Scientist  Models used for illustrative purposes only

Would you talk to a Christian Scientist about health? Would you ask a dachshund for a driving  lesson? Or maybe that’s a silly comparison. Health columnist and practicing Christian Scientist Eric Nelson takes the first question seriously, however.  After asking this question of editors and reporters and getting rebuffed by many, Nelson connected with medical […]

Treating Pain: A New Ontology is Needed

Treating pain better? Model used for illustrative purposes only

Who wouldn’t want a better approach to pain? One that actually obliterated it, or at least didn’t introduce another kind of pain in the process? Treating pain should not be a “Rob Peter to pay Paul” kind of thing. Seattle writer Bill Scott adds new insights that offer real hope for treating pain more effectively. […]

Is spiritual-based healing weird?

Spiritual healing through prayer  Model used for illustrative purposes only

When columnist Keith Wommack was told his practice of spiritual healing was “weird” he took the comment good naturedly. Oddly, he was reminded of the first time in 1973 he also saw something “weird” to him: a friend cooking scrambled eggs in a microwave. Wommack recalls: “Just as the microwave seemed weird to me in […]

Why you can stand up and live like an all-star after being dumped…

All-Star or team rejection?

Have you ever felt left out, or experienced rejection from something you wanted?  Maybe even from the time you were a kid? Syndicated health columnist Keith Wommack remembers keenly the time he was not picked for the team. He recalls this event and its tender lesson in the online (Houston) Chron. Wommack writes: “Like me, […]

Disney’s Frozen phenom: Letting it go!

Frozen attitudes: Let it go!

What does it mean to “let it go?” Perhaps you are “frozen” into unhealthful attitudes and ways of thinking? Maybe Disney’s popular movie “Frozen” can give us a clue as to how to “Let it go.” Health blogger Linda Ross thinks so and shares this powerful experience: “I think London’s Guardian caught best the reason […]

A novel idea improves health

@Glowimages b06551.

Would you like another drug-free approach to health? One source might be an underrated item on your bedside table—a book! My latest monthly column on health and spirituality describes a kind of medicine that’s affordable, accessible and very easy to swallow. I hope you enjoy it. Here’s an excerpt: “In their new book The Novel […]

Not too late for World Mental Health Day

Is the brain the center of mental health? Model used for illustrative purposes only

  Oops. I try to see important things coming, but I completely missed World Mental Health Day on October 10. Not to worry, not to get into major stress about it, because that’s the last thing those honoring the day would want. Instead, they want to draw attention to this serious and evermore widespread problem […]

Experts weigh in on spas and healing waters

Will the waters bring health? Models uses for illustrative purposes only

After a wonderful visit to Virginia’s Homestead Inn, site of the Jefferson Pool’s mineral springs, I got to thinking about healing waters and what people believe about them as they seek better health.  Have they been healed by the waters, or simply helped? Even more, will people choose to swim with the current of conventional […]