A novel idea improves health

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Would you like another drug-free approach to health? One source might be an underrated item on your bedside table—a book! My latest monthly column on health and spirituality describes a kind of medicine that’s affordable, accessible and very easy to swallow. I hope you enjoy it. Here’s an excerpt: “In their new book The Novel […]

Not too late for World Mental Health Day

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  Oops. I try to see important things coming, but I completely missed World Mental Health Day on October 10. Not to worry, not to get into major stress about it, because that’s the last thing those honoring the day would want. Instead, they want to draw attention to this serious and evermore widespread problem […]

Experts weigh in on spas and healing waters

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After a wonderful visit to Virginia’s Homestead Inn, site of the Jefferson Pool’s mineral springs, I got to thinking about healing waters and what people believe about them as they seek better health.  Have they been healed by the waters, or simply helped? Even more, will people choose to swim with the current of conventional […]

Love, joy, trust: a healthy three-fer

One sum that adds up: if we add love to joy and childlike trust, the result may be healthier lives. In fact, expressing any one of these health-giving states of thought means we actually express all three of them—a three-fer. Here’s a reminder of the love of Love: “I walk with Love along the way, […]

For Alzheimer’s Month: tender reassurance helps

As health-watchers worldwide consider the challenges of Alzheimer’s and other dementia, they may feel discouraged. Will their loved ones lose their memories entirely, forgetting even what is most valued? Will drugs and medical interventions really help? Or, is there a spiritual approach that is both comforting and effective? In this article by health writer Tony […]

For good health: Drop the attitude or improve it!

What do you think when people tell you that good attitudes make for better health? Do you smile politely and think, Sure, sure, very nice–but give me hard evidence and advice I can really sink my teeth into? Consider sources like Dr. Mark Hyman, Dartmouth Medical School, Huff Post and Duke’s Journal of Gerontology and […]

Spirituality: a boost to cancer remission?

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Today both experts and ordinary people are looking at the most challenging diseases and asking: can a mindfulness, thought-based approach bring about improvement? Even for cancer? The “Yes, and More” answer is becoming more widely documented by respected scientific studies, giving bankable hope to many sufferers. One example is a recently published piece by health […]

Springsteen on Mental Health

One day years ago my daughter, then a college student, wondered aloud if she should buy concert tickets to see Bruce Springsteen. “Oh, you have to, dear,” I said absent-mindedly,” he’s the Boss.” Momentarily taken off guard, she laughed—that her very unhip mother might know something about her rock heroes. Although I didn’t know much […]

Canadians look upstream for better health

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I heard something bad about Canada once. I forget what is was though. Seems only good stuff comes from our friendly neighbor from the North. Canadians have street cred to me, so when Canadian health writer and friend Anna Bowness-Park wrote about “upstream” vs. “downstream” doctors, I gave a listen. Anna says “Upstreamers” look for […]