Cynthia Barnett, North Carolina Christian Science

Looking for more on the connection between health and spirituality? Are you perhaps a member of the media or the North Carolina legislature? Want answers to your questions about Christian Science and its unique perspective? Then you’ve come to the right place. As health writer and spokesperson for Christian Science in North Carolina, I’m here for questions, presentations, interviews or even blogs that you might post on your own site.

In my official title as Christian Science Committee on Publication for North Carolina, I am specifically responsible for conveying correct information about Christian Science, its practices, and its discoverer, Mary Baker Eddy.

ABOUT this website and my blog:

I write about the connection between health and spirituality, referring to current research on this subject, and quoting health experts and bloggers whose perspective also stresses spiritual approaches to health. Links are given in these blogs and on this site.

You can read my blog here twice per week, or my monthly column at www.wilmingtonFAVS.com

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ABOUT Cynthia P. Barnett: Me!

I’m on my fourth professional career.  First, I taught public speaking, writing, media, and literature. For many years I was the Director of Public Affairs for our NC State Chamber of Commerce, representing business concerns to the legislators on health care, education, tax and fiscal policy, environmental affairs, employer/employee relations, and other topics. Next, I did fundraising for one arts organization and then headed up a statewide non-profit association for writers. Throughout these three careers I spoke frequently to audiences like chambers of commerce, and civic and religious groups. My current career as Committee on Publication for NC draws on this varied experience and helps me speak the language of the wide world of work and everyday life for diverse kinds of people.

I live in Raleigh, North Carolina with my husband. We have four adult children and three grandkids. (I really should have counted my wonderful careers as wife, mother and church volunteer.)