Who’s your favorite Idol?

Over 25 million people watch the Fox reality show American Idol which is a personality/singing competition.  The winner is chosen by viewers and is awarded a recording contract and platform to become a star. The American Idol TV show is only in its tenth season.  But there have been plenty of popular idols worshiped throughout history.  Some idols have been created or chosen by the people while others claim the title by right or force.

A story in Bible history shows the value of not getting mesmerized with idol or people worship.  The third chapter of the Book of Daniel tells the story of when King Nebuchadnezzar decided to force his people in Babylon to worship a gigantic golden image that he’d created. When three Jews in high government service refused to worship the idol, the king had them thrown into a combustible fiery furnace.  When the three men were given a last minute chance to change their stance, they emphatically declared their allegiance to only serving God and never worshiping any man-made idol. In the furnace they went! But the story doesn’t end with their utter destruction. Instead, they came out of that furnace completely intact and without even the smell of smoke on them.   If that’s the kind of protection offered when serving God, why would we ever want to worship an idol?

Of course it’s fun to root for the American Idol of our choice. Let’s celebrate each of their varied talents without idolizing them by spending all our time and thought following their every foible, fashion choice or quote. There’s a world that needs our attention and prayer!

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