Truck Drivers in our Prayers

When you set out on a trip, do you remember to pack everything? We did, until we remembered we hadn’t yet packed our prayers. So before we got very far, we prayed for safety for ourselves and loved ones. But we wanted to be more inclusive, so next we prayed to know whom else to include specifically in our prayers for that day. The answer came in an unusual way.

At a pit stop, which turned out to be a truck stop, I was intrigued by a display entitled “Truckers’ Prayer.”* This caught my attention because I realized how much I took these road warriors, or gentle giants to my sense, for granted. Truck drivers brought me my food, clothing, household goods, and virtually everything I needed for a comfy life. They often did this in the dark and in dangerous conditions. Had I ever prayed to protect them in return? I was filled with gratitude and even love for these unseen strangers, and said a sincere little prayer as they apparently do, “Father-Mother, keep them safe and get them home.”* I trusted God, but would I ever know if my prayers were answered?

In just a few hours we hit a major storm near Cincinnati. Winds and rain were so intense that we had no visibility, and when we saw that many cars had no lights on, we pulled over into the relative safety of the road’s shoulder to wait it out. Many other cars did the same. Eventually there was some clearing, so we crept out to test the driving conditions. Within just seconds we saw not one, not two, but three huge semis felled by the storm and blown over onto their sides. The first was resting, sideways, on the wide grassy median. The second and third were lying on the large and soft shoulder to our right. Miraculously, not one truck had hit a single other vehicle.

We looked to see several good Samaritans speaking calmly to the truck drivers, all still stuck in their cabs, but apparently unharmed. A police car zoomed by, was reassured by what he learned from the first set of Samaritans, and then cruised further up to attend to the others. All was well, in good hands, and we resumed our travels, thankful not only for our own prayers, but also for the many others we know were offered.

The one truck driver I know is married to a friend of mine. She says he’s been a hero many times but would never tell anyone. He prays simple, sincere prayers. On one route this truck driver saved a young boy from a burning car. On another route he retrieved and returned to the police a handbag that had dropped as a woman boarded a streetcar. It had $2300 in it. On a third route he came to the rescue of a woman being threatened by a man who, seeing the truck driver approach, took off in his car. The woman thanked the trucker for “saving [her] life.”

So when you travel, or even as you sit home in your cozy chair, remember our truckers. They are reportedly in short supply these days, and we need them. Truck drivers are God’s Children on the Go and we can love them all.

Truckers’ Prayer (Author Unknown)*

Lord, please help me be safe as I travel each mile.
Let your presence guide me and bring me a smile.
Take care of my family while I am away;
Let them know I miss them each and every day.
Steer me clear of danger as I cross the country alone.
I put my hands in yours. Lord, keep me safe, get me home

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