The human mind can’t go it alone

The limited human mind, now what? Model used for illustrative purposes only

Some think that human intellect is sufficient to solve all problems. Yet the limited human mind has until now not solved the daunting personal and global challenges we face every day. Writer Steve Salt reflects on this limited human mind and finds another, unlimited source of solutions. He writes: “Like winter, life’s challenges can be […]

Humble prayer and health

Humble prayer Model used for illustrative purposes only

Have you ever thought about the importance of humble prayer to help and heal the world’s problems? One congregation learned much from the wisdom of the Biblical King Solomon, especially from the humble prayer he is so famous for. “Give me, O Lord, an understanding heart,” says the hymn referring to this prayer. Writer Bob […]

Sexual abuse—reclaim a pure and blameless identity

Blameless, even after sexual abuse  Model used for illustrative purposes only

If one has been sexually abused, how is it possible to forgive, move on and restore one’s original sense of innocence? Writer Wendy Margolese explores this difficult subject. She writes this about sexual abuse: “One of the two great Christian commandments asks that we love our fellow man no matter what he has done to […]

The “preposterous” proliferation of preconditions

Uh oh, preconditions  Models used for illustrative purposes only

Are you suffering from preconditions? You know, the ones that disqualified you from health insurance pre-Obamacare? Don’t be so quick to say No, says writer Eric Nelson. There’s always the precondition of pre-death! Nelson tells us: “According to Ivan Oransky, a medical doctor and former editor of Reuters Health, everyone reading this column is suffering […]

#WhyIStayed #WhyILeft

Finding a spiritual path out of domestic violence  Model used for illustratative purposes only

Domestic violence doesn’t have to go on forever. People like Emma are finding ways out— and ways up to a better sense of themselves. Writer Wendy Margolese learned that survivors of domestic violence often mention their spirituality and faith communities as part of their ability to survive. She shares Emma’s story of abuse, and finally, freedom. […]

Choosing to get back on the horse

Resilience needed if she takes a tumble Model used for illustrative purposes only

Life certainly throws us now and then. During those tumbles, oh to have the resilience–the true grit– of a John Wayne to just get back on the horse. Writer Steve Salt examines the quality of resilience and shares a valuable lesson from his own experience. Salt writes: “Once I found myself sprawled across a downtown […]

The Healing Left on Angelina’s Cutting Room Floor

Will this movie include the spiritual recovery of its main character?

Have you seen “Unbroken,” Angelina Jolie’s acclaimed film about the true story of Louis Zamperini? Many already know of runner Zamperini’s Olympic win as well as his horrific suffering as a WWII prisoner in a Japanese camp. The film depicts it all, but what it doesn’t depict is the incredible spiritual recovery or renewal which […]

The power of love to fight cancer

Power of love to heal @GLOWIMAGES.coom Model used for illustrative purposes only

Is the power of love enough to overcome cancer? Apparently it is, at least in the case of Anita Moorjani as told by Michigan writer Bob Cummings. Cummings refers to a program aired by NBC illustrating how married people recover from cancer faster than others. Presumably, love is the factor. Cummings writes: “A significant case […]