Is stress contagious? Don’t believe it!

Defeat stress and contagious stress

By Cynthia P. Barnett Stress is bad enough for one person—but contagious stress?? Who knew you could catch it, like a cold, as many are beginning to fear. This new theory of stress was featured on Good Morning America in a St. Louis University study which showed subjects viewing videos of other people experiencing stress. […]

Are green spaces healing spaces?

Green spaces for health and healing Models used for illustrative purposes only

Green spaces can be healing spaces if we know how to access the spiritual inspiration they offer. For better health and healing, blogger Karla Hackney researched the benefits of green spaces from a spiritual perspective. She writes: “Currently there are numerous studies expounding the health benefits of spending more time in natural greenspaces. For instance, […]

Classic yarn about baseball a lesson on authenticity

Authenticity even in baseball practice  Models used for illustrative purposes only

There’s authenticity and then there’s fake façade. Celebrities are often encouraged to flaunt the latter and neglect the former. Writer Steve Salt ponders the difference as he reviews a favorite American poem, in which a baseball idol disappointed his fans and “the Mighty Casey struck out!” Salt writes: “There actually was a real Casey. His […]

Is Your Teen Online 24/7? Parenting with Spiritual Tools

@Glowimages: Boy Using Tablet Computer Whilst Eating Breakfast

Teens and the Internet: now there’s a volatile combination. According to writer Ingrid Peschke, China has officially classed  teen addiction to the Internet as a clinical disorder, the first nation to do so. Now 400 rehab centers have been established in China to treat this “number one health problem” for teens. But Peschke also offers […]

Internet addiction: find freedom with the right connection

Need a cure for Internet addiction?  Models used for illustrative purposes only

I don’t think many of us think of ourselves as addicts. But wait. Internet addiction— and all of its relatives in the social media family—claims an unhealthful hold if we’re not alert. Writer Wendy Margolese ponders this societal problem. She says: “Do the Internet and all the personal devices make us feel more connected to […]

The Boys in the Boat: models of spiritual integrity

Will spiritual integrity make him a better athlete?  Model used for illustrataion purposes only

by Cynthia P. Barnett When sports scandals shock and disgust us, where are models of spiritual integrity?  Believe it or not, they’re as close as your Kindle or your faithful local library. Check out what I discovered, wrote about and published recently in The Good Men Project. My article says: ” ‘The Boys in the […]

Living alone can be good for you

Living alone can be good for you  Model used for illustrative purposes

The prospect of living alone can seem sad to some, but appealing to others. With marriage rates dropping in many countries, it’s clear that increasing numbers find themselves in a situation of living alone. Columnist Kay Stroud adds a new perspective on this experience. She writes: “Despite the considerable research that finds the beneficial effects […]

Finding the antidote to air rage

No air rage here!  Model used for illustrative purposes only

You’ve heard of road rage—and possibly experienced it. Well, make room for “air rage.”  Better yet, don’t! Flight delays, unsympathetic staff and impatient fellow travelers might tend to make you mad. But if you’d like tips on how to avoid and even heal this ugly anger, consider writer Anna Bowness-Park’s victory over it. She writes: […]