Is spiritual-based healing weird?

Spiritual healing through prayer  Model used for illustrative purposes only

When columnist Keith Wommack was told his practice of spiritual healing was “weird” he took the comment good naturedly. Oddly, he was reminded of the first time in 1973 he also saw something “weird” to him: a friend cooking scrambled eggs in a microwave. Wommack recalls: “Just as the microwave seemed weird to me in […]

On vacation for health reasons

Many health reasons to take a vacation Maybe I really am on vacation “for health reasons.” No, there’s nothing wrong with me, but I know that a time to refresh and recharge is important for our mental and physical health, so I’m taking it for a few days. What will I do? Have houseguests, visit with children and grandchildren, swim, do […]

You yearn for progress in your life. Now what?

Will I progress in my life?  Model used for illustrative purposes only

Many find meditation helpful if they want to progress in their lives. So meditation must be good. But Psychology Today just took up the question of negative side effects to meditation. Are there any? Health writer Russ Gerber reports on this unusual topic but with a twist. He writes: “According to assistant professor of psychiatry […]

Zumba and baby boomer bones

Apparently, no baby boomer bones here!  Model used for illustrative purposes only

There’s a whole lotta shakin’ going on at the Cary YMCAs in North Carolina. it’s the Zumba classes. With reportedly nine classes at the Cary Y and eleven at the Kraft facility, Zumba, with its high intensity activity, is clearly a crowd pleaser. No surprise that most participants look to be twenty or thirty-somethings with […]

Our inalienable right to better health

One more inalienable right: the right to better health

My colleague in California, columnist Eric Nelson, finds that, according to one famous health writer of the early 1900s, we have an inalienable right to better health. He discovers that Pulitzer Prize dramatist Tony Kushner admires this same writer. Nelson says: “During a recent radio interview to promote the west coast premier of his latest […]

Humor and man’s superiority to all that befalls him

Does she know that laughter makes her healthy?  Model used for illustrative purposes only

Does humor influence health? Consider: if you’re an average adult, you may laugh four times a day. If you’re a toddler, you laugh 300 times in the same day. Whatever the number of giggles, are toddlers and adults healthier for their laughter? Health blogger Bob Cummings reviews the evidence  and  writes: “Has the phrase “laughter […]

You don’t need to be scared into sickness

Fear of sickness? Scary.  Model used for illustrative purposes only

Is fear of sickness ever helpful in improving health? Rarely, say many health experts today. Oregon health writer John Clague cites medical experts who believe fear actually harms our health and healing progress. So why do some health sources create a sense of fear in their audiences? Here’s what Clague discovers: “Consider this: Jessie Gruman, […]

Why you can stand up and live like an all-star after being dumped…

All-Star or team rejection?

Have you ever felt left out, or experienced rejection from something you wanted?  Maybe even from the time you were a kid? Syndicated health columnist Keith Wommack remembers keenly the time he was not picked for the team. He recalls this event and its tender lesson in the online (Houston) Chron. Wommack writes: “Like me, […]

Finding freedom through gardening

Gardening tools for stroke recovery?

I’m not much of a gardener, but after this piece by Anna Bowness-Park I’ll take it far more seriously. (Spoiler alert: there’s an amazing recovery from a stroke in this garden story. Wow.) Bowness-Park begins: “Gardens can teach us many lessons about ourselves, but there is a visionary quality to being a gardener that when […]

Disney’s Frozen phenom: Letting it go!

Frozen attitudes: Let it go!

What does it mean to “let it go?” Perhaps you are “frozen” into unhealthful attitudes and ways of thinking? Maybe Disney’s popular movie “Frozen” can give us a clue as to how to “Let it go.” Health blogger Linda Ross thinks so and shares this powerful experience: “I think London’s Guardian caught best the reason […]