Simple happiness brings happy, healing thinking

Happiness affects health,  Oh yeah  Models used for illustrative purposes only

Even in the Philippines halfway around the world, people ask the same questions as we do in the States. Does joy or happiness affect our health? Writer Rodolfo Lacusong answers: “Yes, it does. A study by a researcher Robert Holden indicates that 65 out of 100 people would choose happiness over health, but that both […]

Is Your Health Care on a Spiritual Path?

Is she on a spiritual path to better health? Model used for illustrative purposed only

Are you on a spiritual path of any kind? Does your spiritual path include learning more about your own health from a spiritual perspective? Writer Ingrid Peschke explores this idea in her latest piece. She begins: “For many, health care is no longer just about caring for their body. People are waking up to what […]

Taking Responsibility—Will It Make Us Healthier?

Who's taking responsibility for health decisions?  Model used for illustrative purposes only

Who should be taking responsibility for health these days? Is it the experts alone? Or should you be making the decisions about your own health? Writer John Clague offers new answers to this important question. He writes: “…research supports the concept that when patients are involved in their own health care decisions the outcomes are […]

Radiant thinking triggers healing at the cellular level

DNA, epigenetics or what?

Do you consider your DNA to be the sole indicator of your health and individuality? Oh sure, maybe with some environmental influences factored in. But about that cellular DNA– recent discoveries in science may revise the acronym to mean Does Not Apply! That’s because a new science of epigenetics is weighing in– and it’s a […]

3 health resources: locally grown and good for you… by Cynthia Barnett

Local health resources

Are you seeking health in all the wrong places? Or, in all the right places– except there are far too many health resources to choose from? If you’re on health information overload, maybe it’s possible to simplify your search for resources, find answers and feel less stressed. I’ve found three such resources in our own […]

Emmys Continue Escape Fire Buzz

How to escape fire?

Have you read about the counterintuitive “escape fire” solution to a raging forest fire? It was first put into practice in 1949 during a horrific Montana blaze. The concept of creating a circle of fire as a safety wall saved the lives of the many firefighters who boldly decided to enter it while fighting the […]

Did science or God save Dr Kent Brantly from Ebola?

Does Doc or God heal?  Models used for illustrative purposes only

When someone recovers from Ebola against all odds, should we give science or God the credit? Personally, I have no problem giving gratitude all around, but some find disturbing implications to this question. Health writer Monica Karal takes the debate seriously, particularly after Dr. Kent Brantly’s remarkable and complete healing from Ebola, and the public […]