The power of love to fight cancer

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Is the power of love enough to overcome cancer? Apparently it is, at least in the case of Anita Moorjani as told by Michigan writer Bob Cummings. Cummings refers to a program aired by NBC illustrating how married people recover from cancer faster than others. Presumably, love is the factor. Cummings writes: “A significant case […]

Looking for an Angel?

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Are you looking for an angel’s touch this Christmas season? One to comfort, guide, even heal your sickness or fear? Writer Ingrid Peschke finds her angels whenever she realizes these divine messengers are always present because they are as close as our thoughts. In fact, angels are indeed thoughts that bring good into our experience, […]

The M Word: how meditation improves health

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Do Christians, or any others, have a problem with the M word—as in Meditation? Writer and practicing Christian Debra Chew wondered about it when her Bible research showed her the close connection between meditation and prayer, often used synonymously. In one meditation class which she found herself attending (not intentionally) she was given 90 minutes […]

Are you a job seeker? Learn the hidden benefits of volunteering

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Looking for work? Try volunteering! The benefits of volunteering are now clearly proven to improve your health, let alone lead to a paid position. Australian writer Kay Stroud lays it out this way (and even includes a great success story in honor of International Volunteer Day.) “Did you know that your ‘attitude of gratitude’ which […]

Compassion’s benefits to our health

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What a blessing to know about compassion’s benefits to our health. While the truth that compassion improves health may seem intuitive, writer Debby Kowit has actually proved it in her experience. Here’s the background on her recovery from overwhelming stress when she was a caregiver. It happened because of a spiritual approach honoring the role […]

What is it about giving thanks that makes us healthy?

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Are you planning to have a health-giving Thanksgiving? You might as well plan on it because we now know that gratitude is a proven health booster. Health columnist Eric Nelson updates us on the latest research: In remarks made to a conference convened this summer by Cal Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center (GGSC), renowned gratitude expert Dr. […]

Psychiatrist and neurosurgeon connect on health/spirituality connection

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What’s the latest on the health/spirituality connection? Recent presentations here in the Raleigh-Durham community by two well known experts had a lot to say about it.These respected physicians have never met but agree on a major health breakthrough: spiritual experiences have everything to do with health and healing. The first expert holds monthly meetings on […]

Saying “No” to Performance-Enhancing Drugs

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Whether or not you’re an athlete you may have considered taking performance-enhancing drugs, or PEDs. How much of your performance do performance-enhancing drugs actually help? Would these drugs enhance your school success? Your health? Your self-confidence? Writer Ann Bowness Park offers these thoughts plus one terrific story of victory without PEDs. She says: “…there is […]