Can honesty lead to better health?

Are honesty and health related?  Model used for illustrative purposes only

Are honesty and health related? Yes–honestly! Health columnist Anna Bowness-Park explains this concept and quotes expert testimony that’s convincing. Here’s how she begins: “The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” So said well-loved comedienne Lucille Ball in a humorous, though mixed, message about the benefits of […]

Love tackles “tough guy” mentality that hides depression

Too macho to admit depression!  Model used for illustrative purposes only

The tragic suicide of much loved Robin Williams was a wake-up call to those who would minimize the seriousness of depression. But amid the mourning and the hopelessness this event inspired, there are encouraging bits of information surfacing. Take a look at Canadian writer Wendy Margolese for more: “… campaigns to raise awareness of depression in […]

Do you love enough to heal your dog and cat? To bring an elephant to tears?

Love heals pets, too!

Can love do more than comfort and help our pets when they are hurt? Can love heal pets as well? Columnist Keith Wommack thinks so, believing that pets, like us, are essentially spiritual ideas. After telling a touching story of an elephant’s rescue, he then tells how he prayed for divine Love to heal a […]

What is it about religion that keeps us healthy?

Are religion and health connected?

The connection between spirituality and health is commonly discussed today. But the conversation is taking a new direction: the connection between religion and health. Now experts and everyday people are seeing evidence that religious involvement is beneficial in more ways than we knew. Health writer Eric Nelson explores this topic in his latest article. He […]

Women and Balancing the Change of Life

No change of life to fear  Models used for illustrative purposes only

What changes do women fear? Is the so-called change of life, or menopause,  one of them? And what about the men who care about them; would they like to know more how to support their women during these changes? Tennessee syndicated columnist Debbie Chew takes up this subject as she reasons and prays through troublesome […]

Worried about worrying

Does worry harm our health?  Model used for illustrative purposes only

What, me worry?? Seriously?? Unfortunately, Yes. Being worried is so very human we almost don’t question the way it takes over our thinking. But maybe we should, as today’s health experts suggest. Huff Post columnist Ingrid Peschke finds the opposite of worry, a kind of prayerful silence, helps in situations of pain or injury. See […]

Treating Pain: A New Ontology is Needed

Treating pain better? Model used for illustrative purposes only

Who wouldn’t want a better approach to pain? One that actually obliterated it, or at least didn’t introduce another kind of pain in the process? Treating pain should not be a “Rob Peter to pay Paul” kind of thing. Seattle writer Bill Scott adds new insights that offer real hope for treating pain more effectively. […]

Is spiritual-based healing weird?

Spiritual healing through prayer  Model used for illustrative purposes only

When columnist Keith Wommack was told his practice of spiritual healing was “weird” he took the comment good naturedly. Oddly, he was reminded of the first time in 1973 he also saw something “weird” to him: a friend cooking scrambled eggs in a microwave. Wommack recalls: “Just as the microwave seemed weird to me in […]

On vacation for health reasons

Many health reasons to take a vacation Maybe I really am on vacation “for health reasons.” No, there’s nothing wrong with me, but I know that a time to refresh and recharge is important for our mental and physical health, so I’m taking it for a few days. What will I do? Have houseguests, visit with children and grandchildren, swim, do […]

You yearn for progress in your life. Now what?

Will I progress in my life?  Model used for illustrative purposes only

Many find meditation helpful if they want to progress in their lives. So meditation must be good. But Psychology Today just took up the question of negative side effects to meditation. Are there any? Health writer Russ Gerber reports on this unusual topic but with a twist. He writes: “According to assistant professor of psychiatry […]