“Declaring our independence” from pain

Independence from pain! YAY! @GLOWIMAGES.com  Model used for illustrative purposes only

Wouldn’t it be great if we could claim our independence from pain this Fourth of July? Surely other citizens of the world would celebrate their new freedom along with Americans. Writer Tim Mitchinson considers independence from pain and shows how it may be within our grasp today. He says: “… Medical studies consistently indicate that complete […]

Celebrate religious freedom on the Fourth of July

Celebrate religious freedom @GLOWIMAGES.com

As Americans begin their yearly Independence Day celebrations, are they really appreciating their religious freedom? We all know that we are guaranteed the right to worship where and as we please.  But do we really understand the full promise that freedom of religion offers us? What if our religious, spiritual views can free us from […]

Depressed? You are not a label

Is recovery from depression possible? @GLOWIMAGES.com  Model used for illustrative purposes only

Is full recovery from depression possible? The illness is considered incurable, and at present is often labeled  a “women’s disease.”  This may be because women are twice as likely to suffer from it. Advertisers know this, and as a result cater to the fears and concerns of those suffering with depression, with women front and […]

The Deadly Consequences of Unforgiveness

Unforgiveness hurts even our health @GLOWIMAGES.com  Models used for illustratative purposes only

  By Cynthia P. Barnett Lorie Johnson’s article “The Deadly Consequences of Unforgiveness” gives us fair warning. Refusing to forgive could be dire for both our spirits and our bodies, she suggests. Many would agree with the simple logic that forgiving—loving more— is living better. But new research now supports our personal experience that forgiveness, […]

In search of our true identity

What is her true identity? @GLOWIMAGES.com  Model used for illustrative purposes only

What is our true identity? Is it male, female, black, white or whatever? The very concept seems to get squishier and squishier, based on the revelations of celebrities Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce) and Rachel Dolezal (formerly white, now self-identifying as black). Writer Eric Nelson ponders these limiting, physically based descriptions of true identity and arrives […]

Moral character– a key factor to good health

A leader in moral character @GLOWIMAGES.com

Moral character is under new scrutiny with the publication of David Brooks’  bestseller “The Road to Character.”  Readers may ask, as Brooks did, why does having it seem to lead to better, more satisfying lives? Writer Wendy Margolese even suggests this moral character can lead to better health. She writes: Of course, the magnet of […]

Mental Health: the key to happiness

The key to happiness: have they found it? @GLOWIMAGES.com  Models used for illustrative purposes only

I always thought that Canadians had found the key to happiness. Whoever hears anything unhappy about our northern neighbors? But, it turns out there’s a bit of trouble up there: one in five Canadians report some kind of mental illness during their lifetimes. Toronto writer Wendy Margolese ponders these universal issues of mental health and […]

Is the Power of Suggestion Making you Sick?

Feel like sneezing? It's the power of suggestion @GLOWIMAGES.com

We hear a lot about the power of suggestion, that curious outside force that seems to make us think, do or experience what we might not ordinarily. Because it’s a well-documented phenomenon, we might accept that the power of suggestion may even influence our health. Writer Debra Chew has this to say as she investigates the power […]

Health Emergencies and the Immediacy of Spiritual Thought

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Health emergencies can include more than illness. They can include dangerous situations which threaten one’s life and wellbeing. When a fire in my toaster flared up toward the kitchen cabinet, I had only enough time to pray, “Help me!” and the idea came immediately to reach up for the first product in the cabinet I […]