Would you ever talk to a Christian Scientist about health?

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Would you talk to a Christian Scientist about health? Would you ask a dachshund for a driving  lesson? Or maybe that’s a silly comparison. Health columnist and practicing Christian Scientist Eric Nelson takes the first question seriously, however.  After asking this question of editors and reporters and getting rebuffed by many, Nelson connected with medical […]

There are health benefits to reliance on church

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Church attendance is on the decline in the USA; we know this. The usual reasons include the feeling that church seems irrelevant to our lives today. But if we consider better health to be relevant, then church may be one of the most relevant and beneficial experiences we can have. Consider writer Don Ingwerson’s perspective. […]

TEDMED 2014: ‘The time for thinkers has come.’

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If you’re interested in TEDMED and its annual conference on ground breaking discoveries on health care, you may be one of a mere 100,000 others who’ll be attending! That’s including those who’ll attend online, but in any case people from 100 countries will be represented. Health writer Eric Nelson describes the offerings of this conference, […]

Owning our health: Can technology answer all our health needs?

Small hand held health device

Health technology, a product of the best heads put together, can help greatly in health care. But has anyone here visited a loved one in a hospital when clearly more heart, not more head, was needed? Writer Anna Bowness-Park shares her case for more spirituality, not just health technology, in this Vancouver Sun piece. She […]

Of Icebergs and Health Alarms. A Spiritual perspective to human vulnerability

Most fearful: icebergs or health alarms? @GLOWIMAGES.com

Have you ever had health alarms? Ever felt titanic fear of any kind? How about on a ship which could not detect icebergs while sailing in an iceberg-infested sea? This was the experience of colleague and columnist Steve Drake of “Show Me” Missouri. Drake wrote about how he conquered his fear, and how that lesson […]

Can honesty lead to better health?

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Are honesty and health related? Yes–honestly! Health columnist Anna Bowness-Park explains this concept and quotes expert testimony that’s convincing. Here’s how she begins: “The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” So said well-loved comedienne Lucille Ball in a humorous, though mixed, message about the benefits of […]

Love tackles “tough guy” mentality that hides depression

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The tragic suicide of much loved Robin Williams was a wake-up call to those who would minimize the seriousness of depression. But amid the mourning and the hopelessness this event inspired, there are encouraging bits of information surfacing. Take a look at Canadian writer Wendy Margolese for more: “… campaigns to raise awareness of depression in […]

Do you love enough to heal your dog and cat? To bring an elephant to tears?

Love heals pets, too!@GLOWIMAGES.com

Can love do more than comfort and help our pets when they are hurt? Can love heal pets as well? Columnist Keith Wommack thinks so, believing that pets, like us, are essentially spiritual ideas. After telling a touching story of an elephant’s rescue, he then tells how he prayed for divine Love to heal a […]