Results from health care chaplaincy conference

Health care chaplains are wanted, needed  Models used for illustrative purposes only

Recently on my April 1 blog I told you about a groundbreaking conference to be held in New York this month: one that reported research on the effectiveness of spiritual care in health care settings. Sponsored by a health care chaplaincy association, the event featured projects largely funded by the Templeton Foundation. Here is one […]

Age no reason for self-image to suffer

Despite age, a great self image  Model used for illustrative purposes only

Age is a concept that’s getting a second look, especially as it relates to self-image. Age, aging, ageism: these are some of the terms that can pull us down. But do they have to? One Ohio health writer thinks not. Here’s why:  “Conventional wisdom accepts self-image as forged by three intertwining factors: how we see […]

Chronic pain: We don’t have to accept it

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Few problems are as vexing as chronic pain. Besides the obvious suffering, there are lost work days, lost recreational time, and high costs to boot. Whether chronic pain is from backaches, migraines, urinary tract infections– or even undiagnosed, unnamed spasms– people need to find better ways to deal with it. One writer reflects on progress […]

Don’t play March Madness with your health

March Madness with our health?  Model used for illustrative purposes

Well, March Madness is over because by today the national basketball champs will be decided and our TVs can finally be turned off. (Plus, it’s now April.) Meanwhile, if our health has suffered from all that couch potato-ing, maybe there are some lessons we could learn from March Madness. We can turn around the season […]

Owning our health: finding the peace that heals sleeplessness and exhaustion

Exhausted, needs zzz's  model used for illustrative purposes only

How many sheep do you need to sleep? For one person only a few, whereas others may need to count way more. People want a good night’s rest and many are looking for ways to get more or better sleep. So I was interested that Canadian writer Anna Bowness-Park took up the subject of sleeplessness […]

Healthcare Chaplaincy: benefits of spiritual care

Couple needing spiritual care

Finally, the subject of healthcare chaplaincy and its positive effects on patients is in the news. The first conference on this subject is now being held in New York City and many, like me, are eagerly awaiting the findings. Will they confirm what many other experts and patients are finding  to be true? that spirituality […]

Break through to better health: first give mental consent

Skater gave mental consent: it's possible to spin!  Model used for illustrative purposes

What does it take to break through barriers? Does it happen first with a bold move, or a bold thought that first gives mental consent? I pondered this subject and published an article on it in the online newsletter, WilmingtonFAVS. I thought of the days of Sonja Heine, and then I thought about health, and […]

Ridiculously small steps lead to a healthier lifestyle

Baby takes small step, big results

A healthier lifestyle might begin with one small step to simply skip the breakfast biscuit. I did that recently, and was soon pleasantly surprised to see my jeans fit better. I didn’t need the biscuit, had only added it to my regimen recently, so I didn’t really miss it with all the filling fresh fruit […]

What’s age got to do with it?

Health, happiness, youth at any age  Models used for illustrative purposes only

What’s age got to do with it, indeed? If the “it” means healthy, productive lives, then take a listen to Towson Patch blogger Pamela Savage as she considers more wholly healthy views about older ages: “More and more research is showing that age is not necessarily a harbinger of declining health and lifestyle. In fact, […]