In search of a cure for cancer

Cure for cancer?  Model used for illustrative purposes only

Are you among the many who search for a cure for cancer? With Ken Burns’ new documentary on cancer showing this week, what messages will audiences take away? Will it be fear, or hope that healing of this “Emperor of All Maladies” is possible? Writer Eric Nelson explores the increasing evidence of a spiritual approach […]

Finding a cure for negativity

No negativity here!  Models used for illustrative purposes only

Is negativity a disease? Not quite. But maybe one step removed– in that negativity is proven to worsen health outcomes. In contrast, research shows that positive attitudes improve health. That’s fine, but even if people don’t want to be negative, just how are they to swap out negativity for “positivity?” Health writer Anna Bowness-Park describes […]

Hug for health and kiss the boo-boo: it works!

Give a hug for health and kiss the boo-boo  Model used for illustrative purposes only

  by Cynthia P. Barnett There once was a boy who got a boo-boo. He’d been hurt on the playground and came running, crying, to his teacher. Hugging him gently, needing no details, she simply murmured, “I know, Ramon, I know.” The boy’s tears stopped, he was quiet for a moment, and then went happily […]

Hollywood Debunks Aging: Can We?

Marigold Hotel: where Hollywood aging is delightfully ageless

Is “Hollywood aging” in the movies the same as aging in real life? Well, maybe you should see “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” to find out—but only if you’re young, old or aging. (Did we leave out anyone?) Writer Wendy Margolese reflects on Hollywood aging, real life aging and the delightful lessons learned in […]

Escape the painful consequences of sin

Painful sins hurt but can be healed  Model used for illustrative purposes only

When we hurt—in body or feelings— we might consider “painful sins”as the source of the problem. Of course, it’s easy to accept that big sins like lying, stealing, adultery and murder would have a hurtful effect on our own lives as well as those of others. But what about the little “sins” of pride, anger […]

It’s as plain as the nose on your face

Are these bracelet links? Christmas lights? The #dressgate effect?

You know about #dressgate by now: The dress that appears gold and white to some but blue and black to others. The famous pic recently made the rounds on the Internet, and at dinner table and water cooler conversations. “What color do YOU see?” each asked. You’d think the answer was plain as the nose […]

Re-thinking our self-imposed limitations

@Glowimages 02A14QF2.

Self-imposed limitations crop up at the darndest times– even in dire circumstances. Ask yourself: How often is self-doubt at the base of my fear of failure? Writer Anna Bowness-Park lived to tell the tale of a scary cross-country race on Lillehammer and shares her take-aways in a recent article. She explains: “I confess that I […]