What is it about giving thanks that makes us healthy?

Health-giving Thanksgiving gratitude@ GLOWIMAGES.com Models used for illustrative purposes only

Are you planning to have a health-giving Thanksgiving? You might as well plan on it because we now know that gratitude is a proven health booster. Health columnist Eric Nelson updates us on the latest research: In remarks made to a conference convened this summer by Cal Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center (GGSC), renowned gratitude expert Dr. […]

Psychiatrist and neurosurgeon connect on health/spirituality connection

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What’s the latest on the health/spirituality connection? Recent presentations here in the Raleigh-Durham community by two well known experts had a lot to say about it.These respected physicians have never met but agree on a major health breakthrough: spiritual experiences have everything to do with health and healing. The first expert holds monthly meetings on […]

Saying “No” to Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Would performance-enhancing drugs help? @GLOWIMAGES.com Model used for illustrative purposes only

Whether or not you’re an athlete you may have considered taking performance-enhancing drugs, or PEDs. How much of your performance do performance-enhancing drugs actually help? Would these drugs enhance your school success? Your health? Your self-confidence? Writer Ann Bowness Park offers these thoughts plus one terrific story of victory without PEDs. She says: “…there is […]

From bro-mance to Go-mance

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Are you part of the Hugs for Health movement? Healthful hugs even have men participating— in the context of “bromances” as these affectionate relationships are now called. This trend of healthful hugs is a welcome one to writer Tim Mitchison. He writes: “Relationship author and lecturer, Jack Canfield, published these comments about hugging, ‘Hugging is […]

Winning the war on Ebola scourge—can prayer help?

Ebola scourge lessening in Nigeria @GLOWIMAGES.com

If you’re tempted to despair over the Ebola scourge, have you considered the relative success of Nigeria in handling it? Nigerian writer Moji Solange reminds us: “As Nigeria has successfully contained the Ebola virus, the charitable thing for every grateful Nigerian to do, apart from taking care to ensure that the country remains free of […]

Staying healthy shouldn’t be a high wire act

Is walking the  high wire like precarious health? @GLOWIMAGES.com  Model used for illustrative purposes only

Is health precarious? Does it seem as danger-laden as a high wire act? Maybe you gasped in fear or wonder at the latest feat of aerialist Nik Wallenda as he sure-footed his way across the high wire in Chicago. Possibly you feel you’re on a similar tightrope about health issues. Writer Steve Salt gives this […]

Can religion be scientific?

Can he reconcile religion vs. science? @GLOWIMAGES.com

What happens when religion vs. science comes up in conversation? If you think there’s no reconciling these terms, you might enjoy Philippine writer Annu Mathai’s take on it. She writes: “One of the definitions of “science” in Webster’s Dictionary is ‘knowledge or a system of knowledge covering general truths or the operation of general laws […]

Owning our Health: the next big breakthrough

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Are you curious about the latest big breakthrough in health care? If so, you’ll be intrigued to find that it might have nothing to do with treating your body. Writer Anna Bowness-Park describes this surprising big breakthrough in her latest column: “Rethinking the nature of health is something I learned as a young woman. Having […]

Is biological data really a vital health statistic?

Biological data: is it the best health indicator?

We may think that biological data about our bodies determines our health. But what about those who turn exclusively to prayer, not biological data, for better health? Minus the biological data, would their prayerful efforts even in serious cases be successful? Writer Wendy Margolese tells the story of one woman who found the answer to […]